Abilities And Powers

Powers & Abilities

Demonic Power: As the personal bodyguard of Zolgear, an immensely powerful Demon in his own right, Zest has exceptional demonic power. She is strong enough to hold off both Mio and Yuki during their fight, and was capable of fighting a Heroic Spirit alone.

Magic Master: Zest is well-versed in the use of magic, displaying great skill and versatility. She is able to act as a supporter or an attacker during a battle.

  • Elemental Magic: She has displayed great skill in the use of natural elements. She is able to alter the terrain and create golems with earth magic, as well as unleash powerful flames that burn her targets to nothing but ash.

Master-Servant Contract: While not one of Zest's natural abilities, it is still considered a demonic power. After entering into a contract with her new master, Basara, she has progressively deepened her bond with him, increasing their feelings of loyalty and trust in each other. This has, as a result, further increased Zest's overall power. So far, her feelings of loyalty to Basara have been shown to be even greater than those of Yuki and Mio, making Zest the strongest of Basara's servants.

Claws: Her claws are extremely sharp, akin to swords. Combined with her speed, she is extremely deadly in close-quarters combat, as shown during the events of volume 3, when she killed Lars' doppelganger in an instant with a single strike. Her claws were also sharp enough to cut the Heroic Spirits that attacked Wilbert Castle.

Flight: Zest can use her wings to fly.

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