Abilities And Powers

Powers & Abilities

Hero Powers: As a life-long member of the Hero Tribe, Yuki has achieved a level of physical conditioning that goes well beyond the level of a normal human.

  • Super-Human Strength: While not as strong as Basara, Yuki has, on many occasions, easily sliced through foes with her weapon Sakuya.
  • Super-Human Speed: While not as fast as Basara, Yuki has been able to wield her weapon with blinding speeds to cut down her foes.
  • Magic Resistance: Yuki has, on different occasions, shown a level of resistance against magical attacks from demons.
  • Enhanced Healing: Like other heroes, Yuki has an advanced ability to heal and recover from damage that is beyond what a normal human can do.

Master Swordswoman: As a result of dedicated years of training to hone her mastery of the blade, Yuki is a highly skilled combatant. This is shown during the battle against Lars, wherein when she realized that she couldn't break through his protective barrier, she simply struck at the exact same spot over and over again at the same angle until she finally broke through.

Master-Servant Contract: Yuki is Basara's second servant, and has flung herself into the process of being subjugated by him even more so than Mio, largely due to the fact that she entered the contract so that she could have the same type of relationship with Basara. As a result, the power Yuki derives from the contract is even greater than Mio's, and the fruits of that power-up is shown during the mission to rescue Mio from Zest and Zolgear.

Sexual Resilience: Due to repeated "subjugation" sessions with Basara, Yuki has gained a high level of resistance against the effects of the Master-Servant contract.

High-Level Charisma: As a cute high school girl possessing an attractive body, Yuki has attracted a lot of unwanted attention in the school. But she is able to use this attention to her advantage by manipulating the members of her fan base to doing her whims, such as helping her during the school festival preparations by joining one of the most understaffed departments.


  • Sakuya: A legendary Guardian Spirit of Mount Fuji that chose Yuki as a partner because of her dedication and loyalty to Basara. For a good portion of the series, the weapon has had low power because it was far away from Mount Fuji. However, in Volume 7, Magicians from the Moderate Faction have created a small sub-space portal within the weapon that connects it straight to Mount Fuji, granting the weapon it's full power.

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