Yahiro Takigawa
Yahiro Takigawa (Lars) main image
Name Yahiro Takigawa
Kanji 滝川八尋
Rōmaji Takigawa Yahiro
Age Unspecified
Gender Male Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
Race Demon
Occupation Student

Observer of Mio Naruse Demon Realm Political Envoy

Affiliation Current Demon Lord Faction (Officially)

Moderate Demon Faction (Officially)

First Appearance
Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Chapter 5
Anime Episode 2
Voice Actor Tomokazu Sugita (Japanese)
Ray Chase (English)
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Yahiro Takigawa (滝川八尋 Takigawa Yahiro), also known as Lars (ラルス Rarusu) in his demonic moniker, is one of the students of the Hijirigasaka Academy. Behind his disguise as a student, he is a Demon who lives in the Demon Realm and acted as the realm's observer.


As Yahiro he is disguised like a normal school student wearing school uniform as well as boots. He has deep purple colored eyes and dark grey hair spiking up with two fringes on both sides of his face.

As Lars he wears a formal costume of black suit, white shirt with bow-tie as well as black boots. He also wears white mask with ornaments on it covering his face.

  • Yahiro's first appearance as Lars


Lars attains a deceiving personality in order to easily blend into the human society. As Yahiro, he is friendly as seen when he becomes friends with Basara. As Lars, he doesn't really care if it's foe or friend he will do anything to accomplish his goals, he will fight with anyone who stands in his way as when seen in battle with Basara. He is willing to wait to kill Zolgear to get revenge for what he did to Mio's guardians.


As a child, Lars was raised by Mio's guardians, who at the time ran an orphanage in the demon realm for demon children who's parents died in the war. He cared for them deeply, and sought revenge once he found out Zolgear had Mio's guardians murder in hopes of awakening the Demon Lords power that was inside Mio and acquiring the power for himself.


  • Height: 176cm 
  • Enjoys eating grilled meat.