The Testament of Sister New Devil: Critical Break Peak Music Collection is a soundtrack album containing music from The Testament of Sister New Devil anime series.

Track listing

  1. Blade of Hope (TVサイズ)
  2. "The Testament of Sister New Devil" Main Theme (「新妹魔王の契約者」メインテーマ)
  3. Unlocked Seal (解かれし封印)
  4. Daughter of Demon King Wilbert (魔王ウィルベルトの娘)
  5. I'll Kill You a Hundred Times (100回殺すわよ)
  6. Master-retainer Contract Magic (主従契約魔法)
  7. It's Because I'm Your Sister (だって妹だから)
  8. Though This is Embarrassing (こんなこと恥ずかしいけど…)
  9. Not as Lame as Your Face (てめーの顔ほどダサくねーよ)
  10. Heh-heh-heh (ふふふのふ)
  11. Demon Despite My Appearance (こう見えて魔族でして)
  12. Premonition of Nightmare (悪夢の予兆)
  13. Even if I'm Surrounded By Enemies (世界を敵に回しても)
  14. Revived Sadness (よみがえる悲しみ)
  15. Call Me Brother (お兄ちゃんと呼ばせて)
  16. Just Get Off Me! (いいかげんに離れなさいよ!)
  17. Beautiful Rival (美しきライバル)
  18. Magnificent Showdown (華麗なる対決)
  19. Sneaking Shadow (暗躍する影)
  20. Invitation to the Demon World (魔界への誘い)
  21. End of the Tragedy (惨劇の果てに)
  22. Dark Plot (冥い計略)
  23. Hand of Evil (邪悪な魔手)
  24. Hero Blood (勇者の血)
  25. Resolved Battle Position (覚悟の戦陣)
  26. Demon Sword Brynhildr (魔剣ブリュンヒルド)
  27. I Want to Sleep Next to You (あなたのそばで眠りたい)
  28. Because (ビコーズ) 歌:成瀬澪(CV:朝井彩加)
  29. Sweet Heart  歌:成瀬万理亜(CV:福原香織)
  30. Blooming  歌:野中柚希 (CV: ブリドカットセーラ 恵美)


  • Track 1: lyrics by Genki Mizuno, composed and arranged by Shuhei Mutsuki, performed by sweet ARMS
  • Track 28: lyrics and composed by Seiji Miura, arranged by Yujiro Okano, performed by Mio Naruse (VA: Ayaka Asai)
  • Track 29: lyrics by Kana Yoshikawa, composed and arranged by Yusuke Shirato, performed by Maria Naruse (VA: Kaori Fukuhara)
  • Track 30: lyrics by Genki Mizuno, composed and arranged by Takashi Saeki, performed by Yuki Nonaka (VA: Sarah Emi Bridcutt)
  • Tracks 2-27: composed and arranged by Yasuharu Takanashi

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