Second season of Shinmai Maou no Testament series.



Kana/Romaji Originale airdate


What I Can Do For You あなたの為にできる事を

Anatanotameni dekiru koto o

October 09, 2015
02 Suspicions Deepening Within Mysteries 深まる疑惑と謎の中で

Fukamaru giwaku to nazo no naka de

October 16, 2015
03 My Cherished Feelings For You 譲れない想いを君と

Yuzurenai omoi o kimi to

October 23, 2015
04 Amidst Entwining Plots 絡み合う思惑の中で

Karamiau omowaku no naka de

October 30, 2015
05 Amidst the Wind Blowing Through the Battlefield 吹き抜ける戦場の風の中を

Fukinukeru senjō no kaze no naka o

November 06, 2015
06 Between Reality and One's Own Truth 己の真実と現実の狭間で

Onore no shinjitsu to genjitsu no hazama de

November 13, 2015
07 Between Entwining Plots and Desires 絡み合う思惑と欲望の狭間で

Karamiau omowaku to yokubō no hazama de

November 20, 2015
08 Those Contending For The Future 未来へと挑む者たち

Mirai e to idomu-sha-tachi

November 27, 2015
09 Beyond the Endless Dream 見果てぬ夢のその先に

Mihatenuyume no sono sakini

December 05, 2015
10 The Consequences of What Must Be Done 果たすべき意思の後先終

Hatasubeki ishi no atosaki tsui

December 11, 2015

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