Shiba Kyouichi
Shiba Kyouichi
Name Shiba Kyouichi
Kanji 芝恭一
Rōmaji Kyōichi Shiba
Age Unkknown
Gender Male Male
Hair Color Brown
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
Race Human
Occupation Hero
Affiliation Hero Tribe
First Appearance
Voice Actor Daisuke Hirakawa
Image Gallery

 Shiba Kyouichi (芝恭一 Kyōichi Shiba) is a Hero from Hero Tribe he is partnered with Kurumi Nonaka, and Takashi Hayase.


Shiba has long brown hair that is tied with red ribbons, he also wears hero uniform. He keeps his eyes constantly narrowed to slits rarely ever opening his eyes, however when he opens them it's revealed that they are red in color with slitted pupils. He also keeps his face set in a mocking smile, which he only wipes off on rare occasions of annoyance, surprise or anger.


Shiba appears to be a calm and joyful person, He does not hold a grudge against Basara for what happened five years ago. He appears to be loyal to the Village of Heroes, as he follows the elder's decisions regarding Mio Naruse without question.

He is also shown to have an intimidating side, as seen after the battle with Byakko.

Abilities And Powers

When using his powers, Shiba emits a vicious red-black aura. Volume 9 describes Shiba's power as being so incomprehensible that the he might even be more powerful than the 4 godly weapons of the Village combined.


Shiba has remained imprisoned by the Village because he possesses a power even more fearful than Basara's Banishing Shift.

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