Sapphire - Volume 8
Name Sapphire
Age ???
Gender Female Female
Hair Color ???
Eye Color ???
Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Wilbert (Brother)
Basara Toujou (Son)
Mio Naruse (Niece)
Maria Naruse (Niece)
Ramusas (Brother)
Professional Status
Race Demon(Exiled)
First Appearance
Voice Actor {{{voice actor}}}
Image Gallery

Sapphire is the biological mother of Basara, and the younger sister of the former Demon Lord Wilbert. During the great war, she served as one of the most effective commanders of the demon forces. She's most famous for her frontline exploits and high kill count. When Wilbert started marching his army, she took up a position at the rear guard. Due to this a destined battle between the woman considered to be the strongest of demons, and Jin the strongest of heroes, who the demons considered a war god took place.

Sapphire and Jin had met several times on the battlefield before. To avoid unnecessary casualties, Sapphire had her soldiers and Jin had his friends withdraw. This just left a battlefield for the two of them.

Sapphire and Jin's fight is stopped by Raphaeline and it became a three-way fight. The clash between the strongest of hero, the strongest of demon kind, and the goddess Raphaeline caused a giant dimensional rift. The three of them were quickly swallowed by it.

Time inside the dimensional rift was isolated. At first the three of them fought a bit, but as time went on they soon grew fond of each other and special emotions were born. Eventually they realized that they were inside of the nest of the ancient evil dragon fafnir. Together they were able to defeat fafnir and cause an unraveling of space where they could escape back to their world. 20 or so other dragons soon awakened and Jin pushed both Raphaeline and Sapphire into the dimensional rift. Jin then faces off against the 20 dragons and kills them all, while Raphaeline and Sapphire put their powers together in order to open up a dimensional rift in order to save Jin. The three of them soon decide to have sex and Sapphire gets pregnant with Jin's child.

Sapphire couldn't return to the demon realm with Jin's child. It would have been problematic for a hero of the Village and the younger sister of the Demon Lord to have a child together. Raphaeline decided to use her powers and transfer Sapphire's baby into her. She would birth and raise the baby in the divine realm. With this decision it would be the child of the three of them and it made her happy. The three of them then exchange promises to meet again and return to their respective worlds.

Raphaeline was unable to completely fulfill her promise. After learning the fate of Raphaeline, Sapphire decided that it would be best if she lived in the demon realm in exile. She didn't want to burden Wilbert with the dangers that would come due to her connections to a human as well as a goddess. Most of all though she felt as if didn't deserve to live happily with Jin. However she did promise to return one day return to both Jin and Basara.

News of the tragedy in the Village where Basara's Banishing Shift went out of control eventually reached Sapphire. This was during the time when Jin and Basara were just settling into their house in Tokyo. Basara was in a state of shock and shut himself in refusing to go to school. After hearing of his condition, Sapphire took on a human form and briefly checked on the condition of her son. After calming Basara down a little bit, Sapphire decides to return to the demon realm and erase Basara's memory of her visit. When Jin discovered the news, he immediately went to talk with Wilbert in the demon realm. However Wilbert had no information regarding the whereabouts of Sapphire.

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