Abilities And Powers

Powers & Abilities

Not only is Mio a humanoid demon, but she is also the daughter of the recently deceased Demon Lord Wilbert, who was hailed as the strongest Demon Lord in history.

Immense Demonic Power: When Wilbert died, he somehow transferred his powers to his daughter, Mio, to insure her safety. Due to inheriting all of her father's powers, Mio is assumed to be capable of doing anything the late Demon Lord could. However, because this power is separate from her natural abilities, and due to her inexperience, she has yet to fully awaken it. She also has extreme difficulty controlling this power when it is unleashed, as shown when she once accidentally created a small black hole than nearly destroyed her and everybody around her.

  • Gravity Magic: The signature ability of her father. Mio is capable of using the same gravity magic as her father, but not to the same extent. While her control of this magic is lacking, it's raw power is still enough to easily crush any opponent, including a Heroic Spirit, albeit leaving her extremely exhausted afterwards.
    • Gravity Barrier: An ability Mio once used without even realizing it. By focusing her Gravity Magic, she creates a concentration of distorted gravity around herself, capable of blocking almost any attack.

Magic Expert: After discovering her Demon heritage, Mio trained with Maria for six months in the use of magic. Initially, her level of competency was of low-level, and she needed the assistance of Maria to perform more complicated spells and enchantments, with varying results of success. After further training, and frequent "subjugation" sessions with Basara, her power and skill have increased drastically, to the point that she could single-handedly destroy a Heroic Spirit in one attack.

  • Elemental Magic: Mio's signature method of attack. She has displayed great skill in the use of natural elements, her most frequently used ones being lightning and fire.
  • Flight Magic: During the events of volume 7, Mio has shown the ability to fly via magic.

Master-Servant Contract: Though not one of her own abilities, the Master-Servant contract that Mio has with Basara is still considered a demonic power. As the first person who signed the contract with Basara, Mio has set time aside almost everyday to deepen her bond with Basara and increase her overall power with the contract. As such, her power has grown to the point that even after having the lion's share of her power sealed off by Zolgear, Mio was still powerful enough to blow off his hand just by getting near it.

Sexual Resilience: As a result of her frequent "subjugation" sessions with Basara, Mio has acquired a high level of resilience to the aphrodisiac effects of the Master Servant contract. Though at the same time, she's also gained an extremely, sexually sensitive body that makes being touched by another person difficult at times.

High-Level Charisma: As a pretty high school girl with an appealing body, Mio has often attracted unwanted attention from the opposite sex. But, she is able to use this attention to her advantage by getting the members of her fan club to work for her on occasion. For example, during the preparations for the school festival, Mio simply joined one of the departments with the least amount of people working on it, and half of the male population of the school followed her.

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