Toujou Household

  • Mio Naruse: Maria is Mio's guardian and she loves her like a sister. She is even willing to sacrifice her own life in order to save her.
  • Basara Toujou: Maria likes to tease Basara whenever she can. Despite this, she likes him and she considers him her brother. She has feelings for Basara.

Moderate/Anti-Leohart Faction

  • Shella: Maria's mother who was imprisoned by Zolgear. In order to free her parent, Maria had to act as Zolgear's spy in her espionage unto Mio and Basara. Fortunately, she is rescued by Lars.
  • Lucia: Maria's elder sister who is also a a loyal follower of Ramusas, Mio's blood uncle. Despite this however, Maria is somewhat fears Lucia in unknown reasons.

Leohart Faction

  • Reiana Smiley: One of Maria's precious friends. In DJ Max Technika Q Episode 2, she told Maria to stay away from Basara's hand, which slaps her butt in one shot. When Lukia has given her the baptism  and induced a state of arousal, the drama starts. No matter how hard she tried, there was no stopping it. This results in  Maria falling into  a deep sleep after it ended. Despite this however in the DJ Max Technika Q movie, this is somewhat stuns  Mimi, who was receiving  her reward, making her fall in  a deep sleep, until Nyami runs to her asks if she is ok, but they kissed. In DJ Max Technika Q Episode 4, Maria woke up, saw her friends and hugged them.

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