Abilities And Powers

Despite her age Maria is a strong succubus.Her skills can't be compared to Basara considering he easily overpowers her, even after being removed from the Village for 5 years.

She's able to use her succubus abilities to create master servant pacts, partially distort peoples memories, and make people succumb to lust and carnal desire.

She is a primarily a melee based fighter that focuses on using her agility coupled with heavy punches and kicks to defeat her opponents.. Maria also has a trump card that allows her to turn into an adult succubus. Maria's adult form increases her strength,magic,and it also gives her a scary and dark aura when using the abilities Succubus Baptism

Following her defeat in volume 7 to Lars in volume 7, Maria decides she needs to get much stronger and starts training with Basara. She ultimately develops a new trump card which allows her to take advantage of gravity based powers inherited from the Demon Lord Wilbert.

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