Leohart Arc
Volume 7 color 2
Location Demon Imperial Palace, Demon Realm
Media Duration
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Light Novel Chronology
Siege of Wilbert Castle Arc ←Leohart Arc→ Two Mothers Arc
Anime Chronology
Siege of Wilbert Castle Arc ←Leohart Arc→ N/A

Leohart Arc is the seventh story arc of the Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha series where Toujou Household now facing Leohart and his ministers in a seven-on-seven duel for an ultimate goal of supremacy over the Demon Realm, in which (seemly) culminating the rivalry in between both Moderate Faction and Leohart Faction. At the same time, this arc also features the inner discontent among the Demon Council members who are banding together in eliminate both Leohart and Ramusas, further indicating the civil disturbance within Demon Realm itself.


Respective Nights

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Facing One's Reality and True Feelings

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Tangled-Up Thoughts and Desires

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Soldiers Who Challenged the Future

(To be added...)

The Continuation of the Endless Dream

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Annals of the Necessary Path

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Major Battles

  1. Moderate Faction (Toujou Household, Ramusas and Lucia) vs Leohart Faction (Luka, Lars*, Admirath**, Volga, Leohart, Balflear)
    1. Mio vs Luka
    2. Maria vs Lars
    3. Kurumi vs Admirath
    4. Zest***vs Admirath
    5. Yuki vs Volga
    6. Unknown Fighter vs Balflear****
    7. Basara vs Leohart
  2. Uneasy Alliance (Moderate Faction and Leohart Faction) vs Demon Council Members
    1. Kurumi and Maria vs Admirath
    2. Zest vs Heroic Spirits
    3. Lars vs Heroic Spirits
    4. Basara, Mio, Ramusas and Leohart vs Chaos
  3. Jin confronts Liala
  • Characters in bold represents the winner of the battle/duel.
  • (*)Lars/Yahiro acts as a double agent for both factions with an mysterious motive.
  • (**)Prior the end of the tournament, Admirath betrays Leohart Faction by siding with the Demon Realm Council Members.
  • (***) Zest is disqualified as she rescued Kurumi.
  • (****) Despite being a participant himself, because he failed to return from his investigation upon the Council conspiracies, Balflear forfeits his match by default.

Light Novel, Manga and Anime Differences


Story Impact

  • Liala is introduced as Leohart's elder sister and his loyal supporter. As the strongest and devoted member in Leohart Faction, Liala will going to do by any means to defend the siblings' dream by killing those who posed danger to her brother's reign. Of those who Liala slain however, only Jin and Basara are spared due to a longtime acquaintance between Jin and Liala, where the latter seemly know the truth behind Jin's bloodline.
  • Demon Council members are introduced as another major antagonist group aside from Leohart Faction. Unlike Leohart and other members (exception of Volga and Admirath), who still have some sense of honor and respect despite their strong antagonism against Toujou Household and Moderate Faction, these ministers detested both Leohart and Ramusas due to their greed for power and desire to "restore" order of the Demon Realm under their image, even though that very decision would consequently kill everyone in the Demon Realm. Fortunately their plot is foiled due to an unlikely alliance formed between both factions and their opposition is quelled by Liala's assassination.
  • With the battle comes to end in indecisive conclusion, the tournament itself is interrupted by the invasion of Chaos and other Heroic Spirits.
    • Despite his earlier advantages against Basara, Leohart just meets his match when confronting an Awakened Basara, who is later freed by Mio from his rampage.
    • Basara and Mio, alongside with Ramusas, temporarily ally themselves with Leohart to defeat Chaos, the King of Heroic Spirits which is also Demon Council Members' trump card to dispose off both factions.
  • With the demise of the Demon Council members by Liala's doing, it not only solidifying Leohart's unopposed rule but also temporarily bring peace and tranquility in the Demon Realm.
    • Toujou Household would return to the Human Realm and continue their ordinary lives until Basara's return to the Hero Village.


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