Abilities And Powers

Like most Heroes, Kurumi emits a green aura to release her energy. She is a Magic type fighter capable with long-range attacks.

  • Element Master: A being who borrows spirits' powers to activate magic. She can chant magic by employing or contracting a spirit through a channel without consuming her own magical power. A weakness is that if the channel between her and the spirit is removed, she won't be able to use magic.
  • Water: Kurumi has a natural affinity towards water. While in the water she's able to create cyclones, water dragons, and hardened water spears to use against her opponents.
  • Magic Circle: A part of the process needed to open up a channel between a spirit.
  • Lightning: She can release balls of lightning at intended targets.
  • Wind: She can make gusts of wind to attack and even ride them. This allows her to fly. Wind is polymorphous so it can constantly change direction.
    • Gust: The standard wind attacks.(Unnamed)
    • Gale: A series of attacks that are repeatedly aimed at the target. (Unnamed)
    • Compressed Air: A very destructive, invisible blast of air. It can create a three meter radius crater on the ground. (Unnamed)
    • Magic Barrier: Kurumi can immediately erect one strong enough to block Basara's close range attack although it was with the back of his sword. She's also capable of using her wind barriers to deprive spaces of oxygen.


Spirit Gauntlet: This device shows the element being used by the Hero mage. Like a spirit sword, it can materialize at will.

Black Gem: Contains the Darkness element and a high class spirit from the Demon Realm. The Gem allows her to use negative spirits as well as her usual positive spirits.

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