Jin Toujou
Jin 01
Name Jin Toujou
Kanji 東城 迅
Rōmaji Tōjō Jin
Age Unknown
Gender Male Male
Hair Color Brown
Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Basara Toujou (son)
Professional Status
Race Human (hero)
Affiliation Hero Tribe
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume I
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 01 (First Season)
Voice Actor Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese)
Kirk Thornton (English)
Image Gallery

Jin Toujou (東城 迅 Tōjō Jin) is Basara Toujou's father and a former member of the Hero Tribe.


Jin is an average sized, slim man with long, brown hair and glasses.


Jin seems to be usually calm and careless but he can be very serious as seen when he explained Basara Mio's situation. According to Basara, Jin hated the Village of Heroes and its elders ever since their decision to banish Basara, after the incident with his "Banishing Shift". However, it seems that he still holds significant sway over their decision making, as he managed to convince the elders to change Mio back into a "target of observation" and to have Yuki live in the Toujou household, instead of confining her to the village as punishment.



Sometime in the past Jin's wife died but the details and the cause of her death haven't been revealed yet. Jin and Basara also left the Hero Clan for after Basara was banished (exiled) from there after his power went berserk while protecting Yuki Nonaka, which is revealed during Basara's conversation with Yuki.[1]


Jin appeared when he took Basara to meet his new step sisters. He acted calm during their first meeting, something that worried Basara since his future wife hadn't come yet. So Basara asked Jin for an explanation and he causally replied that the girls' mother isn't coming since she's on a business trip. Basara was confusled but then his father explained him that they were going to live together for one week in order to know if they can coexist. Six days later he and his son moved in order to live with Mio and Maria and the first two days passed peacefully. But Jin had to go on a business trip too so he left Basara in charge, giving him their first family picture.

Later, when Basara found out the truth about the two girls, Jin called him and explained him the situation and the reason why he decided to take care of these two girls.

Later, he is seen inside of the demon lord castle sitting on his throne casually. He states how its an honor that the demon lord knows his name then proceeds to engage in combat with him.


  1. Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Manga: Chapter 4


  • His height is 183cm

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