Hero Tribe
Hero Clan
Name Hero Tribe
Kanji 英雄战队
Rōmaji ヒーロークラン
Known Members Basara Toujou (Exiled) Half human
Jin Toujou (Exiled)
Yuki Nonaka
Kurumi Nonaka
Takashi Hayase
Known Enemies Demons

The original heroes were beings created by the gods and given special powers that allowed them to fight against demons. The series' modern iteration of heroes are humans tasked with protecting the world against demons and lower evil beings.


The Heroes had been fighting the Demons for many years until Wilberto became the Demon Lord and stopped war between the heroes and the demons. In the past, Jin & Barasa had left the Hero Village. Later on, Yuki Nonaka revealed that Basara and Jin were actually exiled and didn't leave the hero clan by themselves.[1] The reason for Basara and Jin's exile is revealed to be due to an incident where Basara lost control of his powers. A member of the Hero Tribe had tried to control Brynhildr and got possessed instead, massacring many Heroes in the process. When the rogue Hero tried to kill Yuki, Basara tried to protect her and in doing so, accidentally let the power of Banishing Shift run out of control, annihilating everything in the immediate area except him, Yuki, and Brynhildr which had accepted Basara as its master, in the middle of a giant crater. The Elders of the "Village" deemed Basara's Banishing Shift as too dangerous and banished him while Jin purposely exiled himself to take care of his son.

Abilities And Powers

The Heroes possess superhuman abilities and they are strong enough to match the Demons. As displayed by Basara, Heroes are proficient at using swords and at moving at very high speed. Heroes also receive special training from a young age onward so they have better recovery and self-healing abilities than a normal Human.

They also posses ability to summon weapon to their hand as well as silver gauntlet. This seems to release part of their power. They can also release their full power by gaining another arm gauntlet as well as leg armor.


The "Village" is hidden in a secluded area of Japan and is home to the Japanese Heroes. Many different hero districts exist across the world and have their own unique mythical or religious beliefs from which they derive their weapons and spiritual power. The "Village" falls under the jurisdiction of the Vatican, but thanks to Jin's role with the peace talks during the great war they were granted partial autonomy.

The Vatican is said to be the most powerful force among the heroes since its S class knights are comprised of heroes possessing powerful abilities from throughout the hero districts of the world.


  1. Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Manga: Chapter 4

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