Epsionage... What Lies After
Episode 11 (First Season)
Kana 諜報者(エスピオナージ)…その先にあるもの
Romaji Chōhō-sha (esupionāji)... Sono sakini aru mono
Season/Episode Season 1, Episode 11
Air/Release Date March 18, 2015
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"Epsionage... What Lies After" (諜報者 (エスピオナージ)…その先にあるもの Chōhō-sha (esupionāji)... Sono sakini aru mono) is the eleventh episode of the Shinmai Maou no Testament anime series. It premiered on March 18, 2015.


Basara struggles to fight against Zolgear. After temporarily disabling Basara with an erotic illusion, Zolgear faces against Maria and shows her the gruesome remains of her mother. Seeing the grim aftermath of Maria's mother, the immense power within Mio awakens. While successful at initially containing it, Mio's inherited and natural strength proves too powerful for Zolgear to obtain after losing his right arm. As Mio exacts her revenge to Zolgear for slaughtering her foster parents, Basara prevents her from doing so, otherwise Mio's future would be tainted with despair and hatred. As Zolgear retreats, Shella—Maria's mother—reveals herself alive and well. Outside his lair, Zolgear faces with Lars, whom the latter thought to be dead; Lars explains that he substituted himself and Shella with his puppet dummies to escape death and intends to kill Zolgear himself to avenge the death of Mio's caretakers who also fostered him as a child. As Basara and co. escape Zolgear's lair, the barrier restraining it disappears, thus allowing it to alter itself back to its original form—a giant demonic monster. Trapped inside the beast's belly, Zest guides Basara, Mio and Yuki into the vital core of the monster and destroy it.


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