My Cherished Feelings For You
Kana 譲れない想いを君と
Romaji Yuzurenai omoi o kimi to
Season/Episode Season 2, Episode 03
Air/Release Date October 23, 2015
Previous "Suspicions Deepening Within Mysteries"
Next "Amidst Entwining Plots"

"My Cherished Feelings For You" (譲れない想いを君と Yuzurenai omoi o kimi to) is the third episode of the Shinmai Maou no Testament BURST anime series. It premiered on October 23, 2015.


To Ornis's surprise, a reawaken (berserk mode) Basara recuperates himself and brutally beats the angel to the end of the classroom moments before being subjugated by Chisato, who is disappointed over Ornis's pathetic state. Despite hearing Chisato's warning not to further harm Basara, Ornis insist on killing the boy only to be intercepted and killed by Chisato afterwards. After calming Basara down while healing his injuries, Chisato alters the boy's memories regarding this incident while anticipating a time to tell him about himself and his mothers someday. During the festival, Nanao apologizes to Basara regarding the misunderstanding but Basara forgives him as a friend. At Toujou household, Lucia visits the family to inform Basara and others that they are summoned by Moderate Faction for the Demon Realm immediately. On the other side, Leohart and his supporters are seeking an ancient weapon in order to defeat the Moderate Faction and, at the same time, confronting Lars who appears in front of them in order to provide information. Elsewhere, Lucia informs Wilbert that the Toujou Household will be coming for Demon Realm.



Featured Characters

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Toujou Household Hero Tribe Angel Anti-Leohart Faction Current Demon Lord Faction Mentioned Only

Important Notes

  • This anime episode indicating explains several points about Ornis, Chisato and even Basara himself,
    • In Ornis's flashback, in which according to Chisato, the real Mamoru was actually a perverse teacher who was notoriously known for molesting school girls before being killed by Ornis, who the later disguised the perpetrator himself.
    • One of Chisato's retaliation against Ornis's mockery about Basara is because the boy himself as the only living legacy from her seemly deceased relative-whom to be revealed as one of Basara's unnamed mothers in the Light Novel's eighth volume.[1], she willingly going to protect him from any harm.
    • According to Ornis, Chisato's angelic powers were sealed as her price for her arrival onto Human Realm . Chisato however refutes this as she claims that while Ten Angles did protested her from interfering the feud between Demon Clan and Heroes Clan, she has some allies who supported her cause in which will temporarily unleash her power should Basara is facing any dangers.



Differences between Light Novel and Anime

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  1. Light Novel Volume VIII

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