Suspicions Deepening Within Mysteries
Kana 深まる疑惑と謎の中で
Romaji Fukamaru giwaku to nazo no naka de
Season/Episode Season 2, Episode 02
Air/Release Date October 16, 2015
Previous "What I Can Do For You"
Next "My Cherished Feelings For You"

"Suspicions Deepening Within Mysteries" (深まる疑惑と謎の中で Fukamaru giwaku to nazo no naka de) is the second episode of the Shinmai Maou no Testament BURST anime series. It premiered on October 16, 2015.


In the academy, Basara and Nanao are tasked to sent flyers for the sport festival despite he finds Donoue's unexpected apology to Rikka suspicious. After allowing Kurumi to see the Sports Festival, Basara rendezvous with Mio and Yuki regarding the upcoming threat and tells them to put other peoples life as priority. Suddenly, the School Festival is being interrupted by a possessed Donoue where he create guts to cause anarchy, though he is beaten by Kurumi before she is knocked out by an unknown person. Meanwhile, Basara had to fight against Nanao,who reveals himself to be a Vampire, and emerges victorious while finding Mio and Yuki, only to confront Chisato before being rescued by Mamoru. Inside the lab, Basara reveals the Mamoru's scheme as he suspects that the teacher is behind the attack onto the School Festival. Impressed over the student's sharp intuition, Mamoru transforms himself into an Angel named Ornis while bragging about Demon's and Hero's inferiority against Godhood. Basara immediately attacks the Ornis but most of his attacks don't even even lay a scratch on him. To make matter worse for Basara, Mamoru brings an unconscious Kurumi and threaten him to kill her should he refuse to yield. Just as Basara reluctantly lay down Brynhildr however, Mamoru uses his powers to dismember Basara's right arm (one that holding the Brynhildr), severely crippling Basara and causing him to cry in agony.


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