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Name Demons
Kanji 悪魔
Rōmaji Akuma
Known Members Basara Toujou Half demon lord
Zolgear (Deceased)
Valga (Deceased)
Volga (Deceased)
Wilbert (Deceased)
Known Enemies Hero Clan

The Demons are the heroes' sworn enemies.


The Demons were always in war with the Hero Clan until Wilberto become the Demon Lord. He is the first and only Demon Lord that stopped the war between these two races. At some point in his life, Wilberto's daughter, Mio Naruse was born. For her own safety he entrusted her to two other Demons to raise her on Earth. One year ago, Wilberto died and a new Demon Lord took over. That person desperately wants to get Mio as her father's powers were inherited to her with his death. Nothing else is known about the demons' history at the moment.


The Demons live in the Demon Realm or Demon World. It makes an appearance in the 2nd Season (Burst) of the Anime.

Known Members

The only named members of this race are Wilberto, the former Demon Lord, Mio Naruse, the daughter of Wilberto and Maria Naruse, Mio's guardian.

Abilities And Powers

The Demons possess inhuman strength, enough to be able to match the one of the Heroes. They appear to use many spells in fights but whether that's their main fighting style or not is currently unknown. The Demons that attacked Mio and Maria appear to only use their physical strength in a fight and haven't displayed any knowledge of magic.

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