Toujou Household

  • Basara Toujou: Basara can be considered the most important person to Chisato. Being needed by him is her everything. As a school nurse, Chisato had been devoted to the growth of Basara's various relationships and trust with Mio and the others. She often offered her support in the form of advise and divine protection. Originally she started off as Basara's guardian. In volume 4, After experiencing womanly pleasure for the first time her relationship with Basara began to change. On the night of Christmas Eve, before going to the demon realm, Basara began a secret relationship with Chisato.
  • Jin Toujou: Chisato and Jin shared a love for Basara's deceased surrogate mother Raphaeline. After Chisato brought Basara to the human world, she often watched over Basara, while Jin was busy with his job as a hero.

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