Celis Reinhartd
Age 16
Gender Female female
Race Human (Hero)
Hair Color brilliant blonde
Eye Color emerald
Affiliation Vatican
Occupation Vatican Inquisitor/ Holy Knight
Equipment Georgius
Status alive
Light Novel Volume 9
Manga NA
Anime NA

Celis is the childhood friend of Basara, Kurumi, and Yuki. She was one of the few kids that would come overseas when the Hero districts would gather together and exchange different techniques and tactics. She's currently serving as the Hearing Officer of the Vatican tasked with representing the views of the Vatican with regards to the meeting between Basara and the Village 


When she first appears, Celis is desribed as being a woman wearing a gold designed cloak, who was armed with a sword. The cloak gave her the appearance of an older woman. However upon taking off her hood, Celis is described as being a beautiful young girl with brilliant blonde hair, and transluscent emerald eyes. It's also suggested that she's about the same age as Basara. 


Celis is best described as a composed and career driven young woman. She's fully comitted to her job as a Vatican Inquisitor and isn't affraid to chastise the elders of the Village for mistakes they have made in the past. Above all though she holds her childhood friends in high regard. 


Celis became friends with Basara, Kurumi, and Yuki since she was one of the few kids that would come overseas when the Hero districts would gather and exchange different combat techniques and tactics. From a young age, Celis was put on the path to becoming an "S Class Knight" of the Vatican. Durring the time period between Basara's exile and the present day, she not only becomes an "S Class Knight", but achieves the title of "Vatican Holy Knight" and is given the holy sword georgius as proof of her feat.  

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